Site Surveys

We regularly conduct plant condition surveys, feasibility studies and energy analysis of mechanical systems in ageing buildings.

We give advice on new technologies – some scenarios beg for inverter chillers, some do not.

We look at how air conditioning plant interacts with the building, how it is being used and how to improve it.

We can give expert analysis of project requirements, paying careful attention to limitations of power, space, noise, footprint – always with an eye on the chilled water infrastructure.

We can advise on practical issues concerning change-over to the new system, in order to minimize disruptions.

We are able to evaluate benefits versus costs and advise the most economic solution.

Types of surveys offered:


Operational Survey

We’ll advise how to reduce energy usage for the whole mechanical system, looking at system operation and controls.

Mechanical Survey

We’ll analyse the options for changing your existing M&E layout, and provide detailed drawings and schedules.

Feasibility Studies

We’ll give you the options for replacing HVAC plant, taking into account all limitations of space, power and noise as well as Government legislation.

Condition Surveys

We’ll look at all the major components of your HVAC system, and give projections for life, maintenance and repair costs