Teliasonera Data Centre, Docklands

CRAC Unit Replacement

This project involved replacing four down blow close control air conditioning units complete with eight air-cooled condensers, requiring some two kilometers of refrigeration pipework. The cooling was maintained at all times to the DATA suite, with much of the works being done at night and weekends.

During the planning phase, our design team had to overcome space limitations and avoid obstructions along the proposed pipework routes. After surveying alternative routes and working closely with the manufacturer to make sure the DX pipework did not exceed allowable distances, we produced detailed drawings for the new DX pipework.

Sixteen large gauge pipes were then installed through ceilings, walls and risers, many of which were inaccessible at the outset.

Harbor Exchange Tower is an eighteen storey building with many occupants. It was therefore necessary to provide detailed scheduling of all activities, with close attention to safety and care taken to minimize disruption to building operations.

Detailed planning was necessary at every stage; a critical pathway was presented to the client, with various contingencies in place to counter any problems occurring during the works phase.