Client: Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonalds head office in Brighton. This project involved the removal of the existing water cooled Carrier chillers, pipework and pumps sets from the eighth floor plant room, and roof mounted BAC cooling towers, while the building was fully occupied. A new air cooled Aermec twin screw chiller was installed on the roof along with new pump sets in the plant room.

As the client had concerns about possibility of legionella from the two cooling towers on the roof enclosure, we were initially tasked with replacing the existing towers with an alternative form of heat rejection.

As there was inadequate space for condensers in the roof enclosure, we proposed replacing the towers with a single air cooled chiller, then insulating and re-using the condenser pipework as a chilled water circuit.

We then removed the water cooled chillers, pumps and heat exchangers from the eighth floor plant room and replaced the secondary pumps.