Client: MJMapp / MHBC Consultants

The chiller replacement contract was carried out in Spring 2014, and comprised the removal of the two original Dunham Bush reciprocating type water-cooled water chillers and the installation of two new Daikin water-cooled water chillers, each with one ‘single’ screw compressor. The total cooling output of each machine was 120 kilowatts.

The new chillers were dismantled by our engineers at our premises, then each component was taken down through the building to the basement plant room, to be re-assembled in situ.

The existing pipe connections to the original chillers were removed and new connections installed, complete with new isolating valves, commissioning valve sets, strainers to both chilled and condenser circuits, rubber bellows, temperature and pressure gauges, and binder test points.

Upon completion, each circuit was chemically flushed, pressure tested and filled. The new pipe sections were then insulated and aluminium clad to match the existing.

All four circuits were flow tested and balanced to give equal flow through each chiller.