Client: CBRE

The chiller replacement contract was carried out early in 2014, and comprised the removal of an existing Dunham Bush water cooled, reciprocating, twin circuit water chiller and the installation of a new Trane water cooled, twin circuit screw compressor chiller.

The existing chiller was dismantled and removed via the pavement hatch, and the new Trane chiller was also dismantled and brought in by the same route. The unit was then re-built in situ.

New pipework connections were installed to both the chilled and condenser circuits, and included new quarter turn isolating valves, strainers on both circuits, commissioning sets to both circuits, new rubber bellows and new gauges.

A new gas detection unit was also installed, complete with two low level sensors mounted on the base of the chiller, and one pipe sensor mounted within the pressure relief pipe.