Churchill Insurance

The headquarters for Churchill Insurance Co, a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland, was served by two Petra air cooled water chillers with a total cooling capacity of 600 kilowatts. These machines, although only five years old, had suffered serious compressor failures, mainly due to manufacturing discrepancies.

Due to the occupancy levels of this building, similar to a call centre, we were charged with replacing these two water chillers as quickly as possible.

The replacement Daikin twin screw air cooled chillers were one meter longer than the existing machines, and therefore had to be rotated within the available space. This required considerable revamping of the six inch chilled water mains and the manufacture and installation of new steel work to suit.

The existing machines were switched off late on a Friday afternoon, at the beginning of a bank holiday weekend. The new water chillers were craned onto the roof the next day and installation work carried on through to the Monday evening, and the new chillers were commissioned on the Tuesday morning.

Due to the altered layout of the new machines, we then manufactured and installed new working platforms around the chillers, for safe maintenance.