Specialists in replacement of chillers and other major air conditioning equipment since 1992.

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Aircon Installations limited are an air conditioning company specialising in the replacement of major air conditioning plant, including water chillers, air handling units, cooling towers, dry coolers, pumps, power supplies, controls, and steel structures.We have been principle contractor on numerous CDM cooling plant replacement projects, providing a full service which includes all pipework, electrical work, crane lifts and heavy shifting.
Design Expertise
Don’t just ‘replace it’, let us check it out and ‘improve it’.
Whatever is on your roof, or in your plant room, we can design a complete replacement package to bring your air conditioning system back to full working order and beyond. Many ageing systems have been running for decades with inherent faults and we know that many of them can be improved. Too many designers are replacing ‘like for like’, and not sorting out the issues that could save huge amounts of energy consumption and operating problems. We are fully conversant with chilled water and condenser hydraulics, pump operation and system commissioning. We know how to analyze ageing buildings and find the cause of the problem. We will upgrade your equipment to reduce energy costs, cure acoustic and vibration issues, solve poor performance and hydraulic problems.  
We know chillers. We know air handlers. We know cooling towers. We know how they 'should work'. We have the expertise. We have the knowledge. We can improve your system. 'We Care'.
We can advise you on all aspects of chiller replacement
  We install all makes of water chiller. We regularly install Aermec, Daikin, Hitachi and Trane water chillers, as well as other makes.  
    Why Choose Us?
  • We specialize exclusively in replacing major air conditioning plant in commercial buildings.
  • We are not tied to a single manufacturer and have installed many different makes of chiller and associated plant. Therefore, we can give unbiased recommendations for the “best fit” machine, with close attention to all variables, from capital cost to efficiency.
  • We have a proven track record for difficult, plant room projects requiring dismantling and assembling of major components, using crane and heavy shifting specialists.
  • We can Identify and solve all manner of hydraulic and operational issues, in order to improve efficiency and reliability.
  • We can do fast turnaround replacements – where downtime needs to be kept to a minimum.
  • We pay extra attention to detail – our diligence does not stop at the connection to the building system. We look at the whole thing.
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Aircon has installed new air conditioning systems and water chiller plant for many high profile clients in the UK, these include:

Chiller Replacement

We are fully conversant with all types of water chillers, for both air conditioning and process cooling applications, including air cooled, water cooled and with remote condensers. We can design and build variations on mainstream equipment to suit height and noise restrictions, including the dismantling and re-assembly of standard chillers to suit access restrictions on site. Learn More

Replacing Air Handling Units

We have forty years experience in designing and installing replacement air handling units (AHU’s), inclusive of heating and cooling coils, associated pipework and ductwork and BMS controls. We do the full replacement, inclusive of coil duty calculations (psychometrics), upgrading of inverter control systems, acoustic and vibration analysis, for high and low pressure systems. We can dismantle and construct replacement AHU’s in situ. Often these are difficult plant room projects, where space is very limited. Learn More

Condensers and cooling towers

There is an art to getting the right amount of heat rejection for an existing water cooled water chiller. Cooling towers are the most efficient form of heat rejection, but because of possible legionella issues, many clients want to replace them. This can be a complicated process and we can evaluate all the possible alternatives, including dry coolers, adiabatic condensers, conversion to air cooled condensers and replacing with package air cooled chillers, by using existing condenser pipework. Learn More

Boiler Installation and Replacement

Aircon can design and install commercial and industrial sized boiler packages, from replacing a single wall-mounted boiler to building a new plant room from scratch, complete with calorifiers, LTHW circulation pumps and HWS booster pumps, all served by a bespoke electrical panel, with full BMS control. Our installations are designed to give best desirable performance, from quick HWS reheat times to reducing energy costs by installing high-efficiency condensing boilers, inverter pumps, and state-of-the-art controls. Learn More

Mechanical works

We are fluent in all aspects of mechanical design. We can optimise pipework layout to give the best performance when connecting new plant to the existing system; this usually requires a detailed look at what’s going on in the rest of the building.

Electrical works

Often it is necessary to make major alterations to the existing electrical supplies in order to accommodate new chilled water plant. This includes installing new panels and new cables through the building.

Ancillary Works

Aircon Installations limited carry out total package contracts, including all the ancillary elements, such as:

  • Pump replacement
  • Power and control wiring
  • Control panels
  • Steelwork and platforms
  • Builders work
  • Water testing and chemical treatment
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Specialist demolition and heavy handling
Learn More


We understand how systems (old and new) work, and how each plant item operates. We not only understand plant replacement, but how to upgrade and improve the performance and efficiency of these systems, providing a new lease of life and reduced running cost for many years to come.


We are fully covered for design-build projects, with £10 million public liability, £10 million employer’s liability and £5 million professional indemnity.

Let's Work Together

If you have clients who want you to supply the whole package, and not just the chillers, then we can provide you with the backup and experience to ensure a successful contract.

We can handle it any way that suits you, as your sub contractor or as principal contractor on your behalf.